The Environmental Sector

The nursery specialises in a supply of provenance specific plant material for a wide range of environmental activities including re-vegetation, riparian zone planting, shade lots, wood lot’s, windbreaks, erosion control, shelter belts to name a few.

Most environmental plants are produced in 50mm square forestry tubes and are fully sun hardened except for those that require shade for optimum growth. We use a soilless potting mix that is produced entirely within the nursery complex. The potting mix is fortified within 12-14 month slow release fertiliser that provides adequate nutrients for opium growth with some residual nutrients to sustain the seedling after planting out. Currently our production list covers 550 separate species covering shrubs, trees, grasses, and rainforest species. For a copy of our production list please click on the following links.

Long stem tubes

In addition to standard tubes we also produce a wide range of long stem tubes for riparian planting. Not all species are suitable for long stem production but those that are appear on our long stem fact sheet and this is available on request.

Other activities

The nursery also provides other environmental services namely: